Dienstag, 1. Januar 2008

Poster in Amsterdam

Poster von designarbeid

Nachtrag: Auf Anfrage Mehr Info von Adam von Designarbeid zum Thema bekommen:

"The poster is a personal comment on the presence of the dutch army in afghanistan. As you probably know they are, part of the international force of NATO. This alliance is called ISAF (international security assistance force).
The dutch government decided this month that we will stay in Uruzgan for 3 more years, the problem with the whole operation is (apart from the fact that going to war in afghanistan is completely useless, didn't we learn anything from the past?) that the government is trying to explain this operation to us (the public) as being a mission in wich we work for peace, freedom and democracy, we build schools etc. and do good work. They deny the fact that we are taking part in a imperialistic war. (altough dutch soldiers are dying there).
So thats the image on the poster: (isaf) bombs are falling in afghanistan, but the government is saying: its not so bad! because we drop them with a parachute! (and we will continue to do so the next 3 (happy)years)."